• Why should I hire a coach? I get it. I’ll also be honest, I don’t think everyone needs a coach. But what if you aren’t sure if that is you? (Check out this quiz by Gretchen Rubin to find out). If you are a person that the Whole30 feels daunting, are short of time for researching and planning, need the financial incentive or a personal level of accountability, or someone to help you trouble shoot or tailor your Whole30 experience? Then a coach might be your best option.
  • I see you are also certified as a Health Coach, what is that? As a Certified Health Coach, I have been trained and certified by the National Board of Health Coaches. Health Coaching is a process that focuses on behavior change. It replaces the “Do as I say” model and invites you into the process. Who knows you better than you? I am trained to help guide you into this self discovery of your goals and values, while helping you to uncover what is inhibiting you from this change you desire. I work “with you” collaboratively, as a team, to be…the change.
  • How many people are in the Be… Local Whole30 Groups? We limit the group to 8. This way everyone gets a chance to have a safe place to be heard while becoming who they are, being an active participant. It’s been our experience, that larger groups, can allow for an individual to fade into the background. We want everyone to be known. And I know what you may be thinking, “It’s awkward to come into a group of strangers.” Just to assure you, we are all here with a common goal, what better place to find others with a shared interest on the same journey. And if that isn’t enough, you can always coax a friend, or create your own On Location, Go Local Group.
  • Are you a dietitian or nutritionist? No. I am not licensed to give medical advise. I am a Certified Health and Whole30 Coach, here to coach you on the Whole30 Program and behavior change. I recommend that you inform and collaborate with your doctor and/or dietitian before participating in the Whole30. I welcome and encourage the opportunity to collaborate with them all, as part of your team!
  • What does the Be… Local Whole30 Group cost? The Go Local Group is $75.00 a week for 6 weeks. This is to be paid in full, of $450.00, in advance to reserve your place in the group. A Discount is available to our Community Helpers (Teachers, Servicemen, Fire Fighters, Police Officers). Please contact me in the Contact Section for further information.
  • Do you offer refunds? Once you make the commitment to yourself for a Whole30 group, I am unable to offer refunds.
  • What if I want to bring a Be Local -Whole30 Group onsite to my location? Have a medical practice, gym/studio, business, or group of friends that you would like to bring a Be… Local – Whole30 Group to your location? These can be set up to bring everything to you as a customer service to those you serve, or just want to just to those you want to spend your time with. Please contact me for special pricing, consideration, and availability.