The Small Things

Those who know me, I think would probably describe me as “Helper”. It’s evident in my career choice, as well in my day to day interactions. However, in my introduction to the Ennegram, I’ve been made aware that my personality or ego can seek this “helper” role as a false identify to cover my deepest insecurities. “Oh Brandie, she is so helpful”, and as I reply, saying “It’s no big deal”, I can secretly gloat in just how “good’ of a person I am.

Three years ago the evidence of a change in me was brewing. A different outlet to serve others was making itself known as a desire to be a Health Coach. I wasn’t sure what it would look like, but felt called to pursue it. In starting this journey, I had to first be lead where I did not want to go. Down roads that seemed less marked, steep, and filled with darkness. I was lead into facing how I view myself, others, having to define my values, and being intentional of what I would let define me. I wish I could say I was always successful, but more often than not, it involved falling down and having to get back up to keep moving forward. Turning back was no longer appear to be an option.

Through all of this discovery, I had that still small voice of my Inner Coach, that came at the start. “Brandie if you don’t give grace to yourself, you can never give it to others, and you can’t do this on your own. Your grit, ambition, and pride will no longer serve you. You have to release them.”

Release, unfortunately for me is not a one and done, I’m a little bit more stubborn then that. It’s an over and over, day in and day out, sometimes moment by moment battle of wills, at times with fists shaking. But in the releasing and allowing my Inner Coach to guide me, I’ve been taken to places and been provided for over the past 3 years, in ways I can’t even begin to describe.

This website and blog that I am releasing to you, is far from perfect or professional, and is way out of my own skillset. What it is, is a “MINI miracle in a series of MANY miracles”, I’ve had the privilege of watching unfold. At the end of my day, the things that seem small, really are the big things. There are still many unknowns, that I am having to follow in faith. What I know for sure is I still haven’t arrived, but I believe the adventure is just beginning. If you feel your own call, and a hunger for something more, I hope our paths continue to cross here.

To Living Life to the Fullest,


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