How Are You Growing?

“If you knew me based on who I was a year ago or even 4 months ago, you don’t know me at all” – Author Unknown

Allow me to introduce myself. I have been sitting in this quote, and it’s reflection upon my life.

I could be defined by the roles I play. You would say, wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, Occupational Therapist. More recently understood, as Ennegram 2, Gretchen Rubin Questioner, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Whole30 Coach, Traveler to the other side of the world.

What I am learning is that roles don’t define you, although our culture would lead you to believe otherwise. They are just the lens in which we see the world. In continuing this growth journey I am traveling, my lens is constantly being adjusted. I have also come to terms that I will never attain 20/20.

What is being shown to me, is I want to be more intentional about honoring the journey, even when yours may not look like mine. We each have an Inner Coach that guides us individually on the way we need to go, if we can get still enough to listen.

I would say I am very passionate about health and wellness, which lead me to my first Whole30. Even that was just a starting point of the growth and stretching that would continue on in me. Uncovering, health is no longer about how one looks, defined by a size, or a number on a scale, and honestly a lot to do with how you love. How you receive love, how you show it to yourself, and to others.

Holistic Health is a healing journey, that continues to lead me, by quieting my Inner Critic and allow myself to be guided by my Inner Coach. It is an integrated one that encompasses Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body. Seeking doesn’t allow me to stay comfortable, but always reveals the authentic.

So I would ask you. Still your restlessness for just one minute. Listen. This is what I quietly hear.

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on dieting and trying to fit into the mold that the world tells you, you “should be”. Come join me. Let’s choose not to participate for a season, and let’s recover your life, who you are, your freedom. Let’s do this together. I won’t boss you around, but let me walk with you. Share your journey. Let’s discover what works for you, and not judge it. I know it might seem overwhelming, so let’s go just one step at a time. Come keep company with me. Let’s learn how to live life more fully.”

Close your eyes. Take a deep breathe. What is your Inner Coach whispering to you?

If someone were to see you in 4 months to a year from now. Would you still be the same? Maybe it’s time. Be…the change.

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