Jenny Reeves

“Last year I did my first Whole30. I had a definite sugar addiction and had NOT treated my body well over the holidays.  It was time for me to make some changes, but I wasn’t sure I could do it alone. Thankfully Brandie was there to help! She led an online group and offered in person encounters to those who could attend. Brandie was fantastic at checking in regularly and offering the support I needed. Brandie provided daily messages as well as opportunities through social media for participants to share their experience with each other.  She provided information throughout the 30 days to help us understand what our bodies were experiencing  and how we may expect the to react. I was impressed with the way she would offer insight when necessary, but wasn’t insistent on pushing “her” agenda on anyone. She listens to the needs of her clients and adapts her processes to best serve them. Brandie brings such a willing heart to everything she does and this experience was no different. ” –