Jenna Smith

“In January of 2018 I decided to push myself outside of my comfort zone and attempt my first ever Whole30 challenge. I had accumulated some bad eating habits that I knew needed changed but didn’t quite know how to do it effectively. This is how the Whole30 comes into play. I was invited by by former coworker, Brandie, to join her Whole30 support group through Facebook. I will say, after taking the initial jump, I am so happy I chose to have my first experience with it through her group. She had daily reflections and explained each step of the way we may feel. She also encouraged our participation to share pictures of meals we made and also our Non Scale Victories, ratings of Sleep, Energy, and Cravings. This really allowed me to connect with the other group members in a way to also continue to stay motivated throughout my journey. Brandie also made it a point to personally check in 2-3 times throughout the process to inquire about however she could help me. I ultimately was successful in this process and would recommend anyone who decides to partake in the Whole30 to use Brandie as a Whole30 Coach.”