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Step 2: Carve Out Some Much Needed Time For Reflection

Step 3: Be…The Change (Finding out your unique actions steps to living your life to the fullest)

Have you ever wished that you had guidance on this journey called life? Three years ago I sat at what I felt was the end of my rope. I had kept all the balls juggling, but with little one #3, I just could no longer keep them up in the air. One day I just felt them all come down crashing around me. I didn’t know what to do, as I don’t like to ask for help, and yet I wasn’t sure I could pick them all back up again. I had grown up to be a person of faith, but to actually admit that I needed help and couldn’t control what I thought I should be, the “perfect” mom, wife, friend, keeping a certain body image and career , well that was a whole different game. That day, I sat down and recognized I couldn’t keep going forward like this. We all have an Inner Coach inside us that knows the way, but often may lead us in a different direction then we want to go. Releasing that, is a scary thing. ” What will people think? “

This Self Reflection Tool was born out of the journey that I was lead on by my Inner Coach that year, feeling compelled to write it all down for you to use. It came from a prayer of asking for guidance in even the books I was reading, which you will probably recognize. Out of this search, came my first Whole30, and while I thought in my methodical brain, I was pursuing “Holistic Health”. I had no idea how true of a statement that would reveal itself to be. What I learned is that health can’t be compartmentalized, it is Heart, Soul, Mind, & Body.

So while I find this tool was written, with “health goals” in mind, it seems like those who have read it also find other areas of life that start to surface.

I invite you to explore what’s waiting for you here. I’m learning life is full of adventure.

P.S. I would love to hear what you find out about yourself. Feel free to share it with me here.

To Living Life To The Fullest,


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